About me

When I was 30 I started my art education at the Gerrit Rietveld Academie in Amsterdam.
Before and during this education I spend my time as a full time car mechanic for 12 years.
During this full time worker’s life I made short video clips which I mixed in my spare time as a vee-jay in several clubs.
Since I started art school my art reflects my interest in technique-technology, sound, video and domestic life.


My installations are half finished attractions. The feeling something is going to happen and the feeling of the new is what I am interested in.
Attraction, the search for ‘paradise’, fear, safety, the process of life and dead, the element of play(game) and the act of collecting, are subjects I work with.

Using mostly cheap and ‘out of domestic life’ materials, I create symbols of status, trophies and moving objects.
I let my ideas bump in to each other and in the process of making new opportunities appear.
Humor is important in my work; it shows the gloomy or even dark side of life.